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San Antonio Transfer Case & Differential. Gene Brown’s offers quality work in transfer case and differential.

At Gene Brown’s Transmission in San Antonio, TX we offer the best in all things transfer case & differential! We can answer any questions you may have regarding trouble your vehicle is experiencing.
A vehicle with four-wheel or all-wheel drive gives you as the driver more control over the car on any terrain. Many people associate four-wheel drive with off road vehicles, but the reality is that it gives more control on any surface and makes driving easier in all situations. In short, with a four-wheel or all-wheel drive, the engine is able to provide torque to all four wheels simultaneously. This differs from rear or front-wheel drive which only offers power to two of the four wheels. The transfer case and differential then come into play.


There are two differentials in this system, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. The differentials are connected to the transfer case via drive shafts, which is connected to the transmission. The transfer case receives power from the transmission, and relays power to the front and rear axles. Power is distributed in different ways, allowing for the car to be in front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, as well as certain combinations of the two. This build allows for better handling in different types of terrains and surfaces; the most common of which is off-roading.


As with any other part of a vehicle, there are many issues which can occur. Our certified technicians are capable of diagnosing a wide array of issues, as well as providing you with knowledge on the best course of action. Common issues with the transfer case & differential include:

  • Cooler related failures including transmission fluid leaking into the transfer case
  • Plug related problems such as falling out and allowing outside substances to leak in
  • Chain related problems like stretching
  • Differential problems such as pinion gears breaking

These problems can cause serious concerns with the vehicle and should be checked out immediately before causing more damage. With our 50 plus years of experience in transmission and car repair, we are able to provide the best possible service for you and your vehicle. Our extensive knowledge on the subject ensures the best possible solution to your transfer gear & differential troubles.  As always, feel free to contact us for a free estimate. We are available 24/7 via phone and open Monday through Saturday at any of our multiple locations throughout San Antonio.

If your vehicle is experiencing issues with the transfer case & differential or anything else, contact us for the best automotive repair in San Antonio at Gene Brown’s.  We even do transmission repair in Austin.